Statutory guidelines will create fairer playing field for grocery sector - Coghlan

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Fine Gael Kerry Senator, Paul Coghlan, has said that the introduction of statutory regulations will create a fairer playing field in the grocery sector. Senator Coghlan was speaking this week during Order of Business in the Seanad after the Minister of State for Research and Innovation, Sean Sherlock TD, announced that new provi...

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Lesssons must be learned from Newbridge Credit Union - Coghlan

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Fine Gael Kerry Senator and Seanad Chief Whip, Paul Coghlan, has today (Tuesday) called for lessons to be learned from the problems at Newbridge Credit Union which resulted in the transfer of assets and liabilities to Permanent TSB.


“In light of the recent financial scandal involving Newbridge Credit U...

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Central Bank should bring banks together to agree common approach on tackling mortgage crisis - Coghlan.

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Fine Gael Seanad Chief Whip and Senator for Kerry, Paul Coghlan has today (Thursday 5th Sept) urged the Chairman of the Finance Committee to call on the Central Bank to gather the CEOs of each bank and sit down together to discuss a common approach to dealing with the Mortgage arrears crisis.


“Rather than each bank using different methodology and criteri...

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Coghlan states Banks' behaviour threatens success of Central Bank Debt scheme

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Fine Gael Kerry Senator and Seanad Chief Whip, Paul Coghlan has said that the reported behaviuor of some banks is threatening the success of a new pilot debt resolution scheme being established by the Central Bank. Senator Coghlan raised the ...

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Senator Coghlan speaking on the Order of Business

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I very much welcome the intended appointment of an independent planning consultant by the Minister of State at the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government and the 12 recommendations made in the review of the planning system in a number of local authorities. Clearly, there was a lack of guidance on how rules should be enforced and how the system should be administered.


The report raised serious issues,...

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Senator Paul Coghlan Speaking on the Mahon Tribunal Report

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It is important that we are dealing with this subject matter given the seriousness of the Report and the time taken to digest it. It is indeed a report of profound significance which arose out of the serious public concern in respect of allegations of corruption in relation to the planning process, parti...

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Clear out of bank boards is almost complete - Coghlan

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85% of board members on State supported banks have been replaced



Fine Gael Kerry Senator and Seanad Chief Whip, Paul Coghlan, has said that significant progress has been made on introducing fresh blood onto the boards of our State-supported banks. Senator Coghlan added that the need to overhaul the bank boards was further underlined by the job losses announced at AIB this week.



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Coghlan Welcomes Credit Review Office's 14th Report

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I welcome the 14th report of the Credit Review Office and compliment the credit reviewer, Mr. John Trethowan. The report stated that in 56% of appeals, the Credit Review Office found in favour of the borrowers, which has resulted in €29.7 million of extra credit being made available to SMEs and farms, thereby helping to protect or create 2,090 jobs. Ensuring SMEs and farmers have acce...

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